Sunday, December 12, 2010

When you swallow sperm

Oh when you swallow sperm, lots of things you gonna learn
Tastes like sweet, smells like bleach

Sperm so slimy, no to grimy
Spare my tonsil dome, no to tonsil stone

I won't brush my teeth, if my gums will be hit
coz sperm's virus won't miss, and enters my bloody gums, Oh shit!

No to herpes, damn you hepatitis
i'll swallow your sperm for that 25 calories.

So please when you cum, don't push like a bang
pity my throat, shocked by your banana boat

I'm warning your sperm, i don't want intestinal worm

 All I want is your fructose, and the protein you boast

 Lucky I am you are STD-free, I gulped your cum in a spree
Thanks to pineapple, sperm's sweet through my Adam's apple.

Oh when you swallow sperm, spit some for your derm
For when it's clean you shall, spread it like a facial

Above all lust prevails, and your throat, for sperm never ails
Swallow your pride, swallow the sperm that cocks provide. :)


  1. clap clap! very poetic in nature hihi!

    with matching pictures pa, Palo Palo :)

    thanks for adding my link ah isama mo na rin socialstigma ko dun kita add.

  2. @PluripotentNurse, hehe. tinopak kasi ako eh haha.
    hehehe cge isama ko sa list ko,, :)

  3. que barbaridad!

    ang bastuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush!!!

  4. Drinking pineapple or orange juice will make your cum taste sweeter than usual haha

  5. waw, bravo,.. ahehehe ^__^,

    iba kaw topakin hehehe.. ^^

  6. @Eternal Wanderer, si si! todo barbaridad! haha oo kaw na birhen hahah

    @Carlos yeah! kaya inom n ng del monte Reducol ni boy abunda haha

    @pongpong pagong hahaha, subo na!

  7. my first visit here. naaliw ako. magmula ngayon, i will swallow no more. no less! lol!

  8. Ewwwww! arte lang lol - nice post bro! pero di ko pa rin kaya mag swallow hahaha

  9. @Arvel Soian GB., wow sige slurp mo pa hahaha

    @MkSurf8 , tnx for visiting ..wahaha. cge swallow lng ng swallow! vitamins yan haha

    @JR, idol! tnx for visitin ha, sinusubaybyan din kita,hehe, try mo swallow den vomit agad hahaha..

  10. astig toh!

    a very lusty and nasty poem... taray!

    so kailangan pala painumin ko muna siya ng pineapple.. haha!

  11. @shenanigans, haha, salamas! hehe, oo lunurin mo xa ng pineapple pra malunod k din sa sweet cum! hihi